Friday, October 25, 2013


Halloween is just around the corner! My friend had a Halloween themed birthday party last weekend so I've already worn my costume. Here it is..

My Costume


The dress is from Value Village... got it for $7.00, white tights I borrowed from a friend and just curled my hair and did doll makeup.

Heres what my ideal doll costume would look like...

Shoes- Marc Jacobs
Stockings- American Apparel

Outdoor Decorations

Lisa Vecchio

1. Tara Genco 2.
3. 4. Brian McKinney

Indoor Decor

1. 2. Nidia Laracuente-Harris
3. Belle Eighties 4. Katelyn Ploessi

1. Pier 1 2. Lisa Vecchio 3. Pier 1

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

Xoxo- Michelle

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