Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moto Jackets

Ahh Moto Jackets, of course I want one. They add a little edge to any outfit and are flattering on any figure. I started to go a little overboard with the prices of some of my favourites online so I decided to do some Daydream Moto Jackets and some Reality ones (you know, ones that aren't over $1000.) So, here are my daydream and reality favourites, a daydream and reality outfit and some outfit inspiration.
Daydream Moto Jackets
Balmain, Michael Kors and Balenciaga to name a few
Reality Moto Jackets
Zara, French Connection and Mint Velvet
1.Mint Velvet 2.East 3.French Connection 4.Dorothy Perkins 5.Mint Velvet 6.Zara
Daydream Outfit
I love the look of sweater dresses and pumps, throw a moto jacket over it and your set
1.Tai 2.Moschino 3.Balmain 4.Tomasini 5.Rachel Zoe
Reality Outfit
A less expensive version (minus the earrings, they work whatever your budget.)
1.Zara 2.Tai 3.Zara 4.Aldo 5.Marc by Marc Jacobs
Outfit Inspiration
How the super talented fashion blogger's wear their jackets

Xoxo- Michelle

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