Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Gym Nut

Ahhhh Hello hello! I know I have been terrible at updating my blog lately! I've been busy going Christmas shopping, having Christmas dinners and still trying to squeeze in a workout! (P90X has been great in a pinch).

So as you know I love to workout. To some people getting workout related gifts may be insulting but to someone like me its the perfect kind of gift. My friend Kate got me a resistance band last year and I use it all the time!

If you have a gym nut on your Christmas list here are some ideas!

Lululemon Pants, always useful! The ones that go all the way to the ankle are especially useful this time of year.

1. Lululemon tank
2. Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout videos
3. Nike Free TR III trainers
4. Padded Running socks- lululemon

1. Jump Rope
2. Weights
3. Ball
4. Kettle Bells  

1. Ipod Shuffle- *I have one and it's out of the way when working out because you just clip it to your pants (very convenient)
2. Nike Gym Bag
3. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS
4. Ipod Nano

The latest issue of Shape or Womens Health magazine
*Great stocking Stuffer!*

Have a great day everyone!

Xoxo- Michelle

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