Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Vancouver Artist Christmas Present

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a happy healthy Christmas. I was sick and ate waaaay too much baking.

My boyfriend Andy's dad bought me a really cool t-shirt for Christmas designed by a local clothing brand Ebon Aves Apparel.

Ebon Aves donates a portion of proceeds to local and national charities that promote the protection and preservation of wildlife.
Company Overview
Ebon Aves is more than an art-driven lifestyle clothing brand. It’s about creating mindful dialogue that reflects the experiences and social issues that shape our world using graphic t-shirts as the canvas. The brand was brought to life by Trevor Phillips in 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Each t-shirt design is a thought provoking conversation starter with a story behind it. Trevor’s art is heavily influenced by comic books, music, and street art. He uses his artistic vision to bring awareness to issues that affect us all, whether at a community level or on a global scale. Every t-shirt is artist-designed and hand-screened, making it a wearable piece of art.

Ebon Aves means black birds, as these ingenious animals are a huge influence behind many of the designs and philosophies of the company. Just as the black bird is a master of adaptation, so must we harmonize with our environment as we move into the future.

Here is the t-shirt I got for Christmas

Of course it has a cat on it. He knows me so well! 

Here are some other logos and t-shirts I discovered via their facebook page.

I want this one! It comes in the girls collection as well!

It was really neat to get something "home-grown" for Christmas!

One of the charities the company donates to is one I love;

How great is that?!

This line is currently sold at Lut Boutique on Main Street.

Have a great day!

Xoxo- Michelle

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