Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bangkok boat ride and Riley Beach

 Hello from Krabi!! 

I took the overnight bus from Bangkok to Krabi last night and I don't recommend it. It was loud and extremely uncomfortable but I made it! Before I get to my day at Riley Beach I just want to finish my stay in Bangkok. 

Here is a photo of the manic Koh San Road during the day.

 A couple of new people I met in the hostel the last day and I decided to take a boat ride around Bangkok.

waterfront property :P

We stopped for lunch after of course. I had prawns with chili's. 

Now for Riley Beach. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I did get a bit burnt though.
The other thing that happened was a rash broke out on my back. Not sure what that was all about but it seems to be fine now that I had a shower.

This was my walk to the east side beach. Beautiful walk.

This is where a lot of people were rock climbing.

The west side beach. 

 Riley had beautiful resorts, it was very manicured and romantic. Couples everywhere :(

The water was crystal clear and very warm. I had some green chicken curry for lunch as well that was fantastic. 


Today was a relaxing beach day. I want to possibly bike ride to the waterfalls tomorrow but whatever I decide to do I will update you! 

My hostel in Krabi is called Pak-up. It is very clean but you have to pay to use the computers... Free wifi though for my phone. Also, the hot water is very off and on but its so warm its actually kinda nice having a cold shower.

I'm not sure where I am off to after Krabi. I've heard good things about Koh Lanta so perhaps? All I know is I have to be in Chiang Mai for the 15th!

That's all for now, have a wonderful day!

Xoxo- Michelle

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  1. Michelle, everything looks so amazing! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. You know that I wish you had a better camera than your phone, but the memories are what is important! I'm so happy for you!