Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello from Bangkok!

Hello hello everyone! It's been a couple of days now I have been in Bangkok Thailand and so far I've been loving every minute! I am staying at NapPark Hostel ( near Khao Sahn Road and if you are going to Bangkok I definitely recommend you stay here.  I have met amazing people from all over the world, seen beautiful temples, had gorgeous massages and eaten amazing food!

I can't organize my photos the way I usually do on the hostel computer so in no particular order here are some photos from my stay in Bangkok so far.

Here is the entrance to my hostel. It was by far the nicest hostel on the block!

Now time for food! Considering the amount of food I've been eating I should really have more photos. There are street vendors selling fresh fruit for next to nothing as well. I have snacked on my fair share of fresh pineapple.

Pad Thai from a street vendor on Khao San Road. Spicy and so yummy!

 Spicy Mango Salad, SO HOT!

Here is a small cart on Khao San Road where I got a coconut, pineapple, milk and honey smoothie. It was one of the most amazing smoothies I've had in my life! No joke! It was so cheap and huge! After I purchased this I went over for a half hour foot massage which cost me about $5 Canadian and was so relaxing. The day before I had my first ever Thai Massage. It was one hour and cost me $7, I tipped so it ended up being around $10 Canadian. Amazing!!

Some friends I have made at my hostel....
From Canada, to Scotland to New Zealand

Of course.. kitties! There are so many stray cats in Bangkok. They are very tough! I want to cuddle with them but I know better haha.

 A new friend Podge and I took a tuk tuk around Bangkok to take in the sights.

An enormous gold Buddha statue... All of the plaques were in Thai so I didn't get a lot of history on these places so if that's what your looking for.. I apologize.

 There's so much detail in these temples its unbelievable. This picture really doesn't do it justice. That's what I get for only having my iphone for photos.

 I loved the windows and window shutters on the temples.They are decorated with mosaic tiles. Absolutely stunning.

 Today is my last day in Bangkok then I am off to Krabi for some relaxing beach living. I am taking a 12 hour bus ride at 5pm tonight, not really looking forward to that but I will get some reading in hopefully.

I was supposed to go to the floating markets with a girl Anne I met in the hostel but she is still asleep. We will see. Another girl who has just arrived to Bangkok asked me what I was up to today as well so who knows what I will get up to. I feel so blessed to be here right now and look forward to going south to the crystal clear water!! I will try and update my blog every few days.

Xoxo- Michelle


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