Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pai- Our Love/Hate.. But Mostly Love Relationship

Wow I am on my last day in Thailand. The month flew by, except for a couple days when I was very very sick. 
The last stop of my trip was in Pai. A small town three hours north of Chiang Mai.

It is the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life!

This was a shot I look the second day I was in Pai and got on the back of someones bike to go to two water falls. The views were breathtaking!

Waterfall #1

It was such a beautiful day the waterfall was busy with backpackers.

Of course you could slide down this waterfall as well.. so I did.

Some people were also jumping in, I didn't do that.

You could sit up top the waterfall in little pools. The water was really cold but refreshing.

Waterfall # 2

This waterfall was in the shade so it was a bit cooler but it was still nice.

People were doing flips into the water, I didn't do that either.

We stopped at a cute restaurant on the way back to our hostel to take in more of the beautiful views.

Cute decor.

There was a bar called "Sunset Bar" where everyone in Pai would hang out most days and nights. One of the guys who ran the first hostel I stayed at, Common Grounds Pai, was a musician and would play here with some friends most days. They were really good but would play at our hostel until all hours of the night which was a bit frustrating when I was trying to sleep.

There were tubes in the river you could float on while listening to the music.

The first night we went to another bar, also with live music. Pai was crawling with musicians.

Theres me, always the odd one out with my club soda.

This was the Common Grounds puppy. She was so cute! She had flees though...

I signed up for three days of Hatha Yoga with Mam Yoga. She was a crazy 67 year old women but her story was amazing and her yoga was fun. She had us doing headstands the first class! (With help of course).

This is her studio. Beautiful backdrop. That's her in the photo.

She used to be a beauty queen, model and actress and developed a pretty serious eating disorder. She was always in and out of the hospital and her mother (a yoga instructor) sent her to India to an Ashram to heal her. It worked and that is where she discovered her love for yoga.

Unfortunately I was only able to do two days of yoga. I got ridiculously sick. As much as I loved all the food at the night market, I think I may have overdone it.

Here are some of the food vendors. This was omelet in a leaf bowl.

I refuse to believe the Ro Tee banana nutella was what got me sick! This was my favorite! You could get ro tee with soooo many different toppings. My favorite was nutella, peanut butter and cinnamon. 

After a couple of nights staying in the party hostel I decided to move to a quieter one called KK Hut. It was about 10 minutes from town but the people who ran it were the most thoughtful people I have ever met. The first night I stayed there I got really sick, I was throwing up constantly, couldn't keep anything down, water, nothing! They tried to give me some herbal medicine and another backpacker gave me some stomach medication but all of it came up right after I took it. The man who ran the hostel took me on the back of his motorbike to the hospital for the night where I was hooked up to an I.V for the night. It was not a fun experience, the beds felt like I was lying on cement and a women who had just given birth was in the same room as me (along with the newborn) and the baby screamed all night. It was also very difficult to leave in the morning. I did feel a lot better but spent the next day trying to sleep it off. The man who ran the hostel also came back and picked me up from the hospital. Such nice people. It was nice to know even though I was travelling alone someone was still there for me. If I ever win the lottery I will send that hospital a million dollars specifically to get more comfortable beds and to create a wing for pregnant women to have their own private rooms. :):)

Some of the other backpackers at my hostel would bring me water and bananas the day I slept all day. Backpackers really take care of eachother. It was nice to see that people really do care.

I am now at a hotel in Bangkok waiting to go to the airport. It'll be a long day of travelling but soon I will be home to Andy and the kitties. My trip was really amazing, Thailand is so beautiful and the people are so kind. I met a ton of people from all over the world. Thailand was the first place I downhill mountain biked, went rafting, slid down waterfalls and hung out with elephants. This was an experience I will never forget and look forward to more experiences. As cheesy as this is going to sound it made me realize what is important in life. So many people living in Thailand have very little but are so generous and happy. It just shows you don't need a lot of stuff or a high stress, high paying job in order to be happy and enjoy life.What's important to me is my family, friends, Andy and the kitties.

Goodbye Thailand, It's been swell ;)

Xoxo- Michelle

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