Sunday, November 17, 2013

Phuket and Chiang Mai

Hello Hello everyone! It's been awhile... I am in Chiang Mai and loving it. Phuket was probably my least favorite spot but it was still great. 

In Phuket I went to a Butterfly Garden, Monkey mountain and listened to some music with some girls I met at my hostel. 

The butterfly garden was a bit of a let down, then the taxi driver took me to this really expensive mall I didn't want to go to. I spent all of two minutes in it. Monkey mountain on the other hand was great!

The Butterfly Garden

The butterflies were really pretty, hard to get photos of though. There were other insects there as well, of course I ran past the spiders!

Monkey Mountain

The view

I came around the corner and monkeys galore!

Monkeys doing their thing

Dinner and Music

Pineapple and chicken curry.

Desert- Banana, chocolate, roti. AMAZING!


The guitar and bass player only played together for five minutes before performing but they were having a good time. The drummer in the photo was just a guy in the bar who decided to join in.

The guys kept asking for a singer and one of the girls I was with could sing really well so she joined in.

I stayed in a hotel the last night of my stay in Phuket, near the airport as I was flying to Chiang Mai the next day. The hotel was lonely though.

Me hanging out by the pool by myself. Getting my tan on :p

The view from my hotel room.

I will say I had a bit of a frustrating situation with my flight I booked via

I was to fly with Thai Airways and had my ticket confirmation emailed to me but when I got to the airport apparently I wasn't booked in their system. I had to wait on standby but luckily I got on the flight to Chiang Mai. I didn't want to stay in Phuket any longer.

Eco Resort in Chiang Mai

The Pool

The Gym

View from the treadmill... not bad.

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng Festival.

Out and about in Chiang Mai

Lighting the Lanterns

Yi Peng

During this centuries-old celebration thousands gather to send the country’s famous paper lanterns skyward; paying homage to Lord Buddha and wiping the proverbial slate clean.  

After most of the day by myself I walked up to a group of people at my hostel and asked them what they were doing that night. Some local girls they met were taking them out to celebrate the festival so I tagged along.

 Made from a crafty combo of banana leaves, lotus flowers, candles and incense, these floating rafts (the literal translation of Loy Krathong) are sent flaming down Thailand’s waterways, carrying away the owner’s bad luck and insuring a fresh start.

Heres mine floating down the river. 

Hiking and Biking

I did a hike and bike tour today and it was amazing! Sometimes with the tours they aren't very challenging but this one was great!

The Germans I was with. I have met so many Germans in Thailand.

Me looking super cool in my biking gear!

Such an amazing view!

I am loving Thailand! It has been such an amazing experience. I am in Chiang Mai for at least three more days then I am off to Pai and possibly Chiang Rai. 

Xoxo- Michelle

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